29 April 2015

Flood It: Current Results

I previously discussed algorithms for finding optimal solutions to flood-it.  Today, it's time to post the performance of my current algorithms.

I'm working with two board positions.

A 14x14 board:

This can be solved in 21 moves: bygrpbvypgvrypgbryvpb.  (Flood with blue, then flood with yellow, green, red, pink, blue, violet, ...)  

My algorithm evaluated 16,280 board positions and expanded 4,594 of those.

A 21x21 board:

This can be solved in 29 moves: rprbygpbvpgyprpgvbgvyrpvybrgv.

For this board, my algorithm evaluated 293,889 board positions, and expanded 91,165 of those.

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